This weeks meal plan 4/21

Ok readers, how is everyone doing on your grocery budget?  Are you sticking to it or failing miserably? Either way, you can start new this week. Here is my meal plan just to give you some ideas and show you that you CAN grocery shop for a family of any size on a budget. Write down your list, check your cupboards and start saving!

Pancakes (recipe here)
sausage and cheese omlets
breakfast burritos (tortilla recipe here)
yogurt and fruit
Toast and yogurt

Chicken wraps (tortilla recipe here)
Peanut butter and jelly
Frozen pizza
macaroni and cheese
ham sandwiches
Tuna sandwiches

Roast in the slowcooker
Bbq beef sandwiches (from leftover roast)
Chicken parmesan
Ham and potato chowder (recipe this week)
Homemade pizza (recipe here)
Tacos (tortilla recipe here)

Molasses cookies (recipe this week)
Granola bars
Nature valley greek yogurt bars

 Shopping Trip
Hamburger buns -$0.89
bread crumbs-$1.89
nature valley bars $0.69 per pack x 3= $2.07 (a Mennonite family had these on sale at their store)
Granola bars $0.99
1 pound ham -$3.89 (1/2 pound shaved for sandwiches, 1/2 thick for chowder)
potatoes- $2.99
milk x 3 -$6.45
yogurt $10
Butter $1.99
Beef bouillon $1.99
Breakfast sausage $1.89
Total $43.65

I have the chicken and beef in my freezer for these meals, along with ingredients in my cupboards. But even if you have to buy it along with some extras you should still be able to keep your budget under $100.





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