This weeks meal plan 5/12-How to shop for a family of 6 for under $55 a week!

meal plan

Happy Monday! Here is my meal plan for this week.  Remember my $55 a week budget.  I’m headed to Wegman’s to use some of my coupon deals listed here.  I am also going to Aldi’s to hit some of Sara’s deals that she listed here


yogurt and apples

pancakes (recipe here)

toast (bread recipe here)

eggs and toast




Chicken wraps (tortilla recipe here)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

chicken salad

egg salad sandwiches

cheese quesadillas




Spaghetti and meatballs

BBQ chicken pizza


grilled chicken cobb salad






cheese and crackers

chocolate chip cookies

Here’s what I bought

bananas $.87

yogurt (these were on sale at my local grocery store, plus I had doubled coupons available, I was able to get them for $0.36 each) $5.40

crackers $1.29

chocolate chips $1.59

Apples $1.89

Pepperoni $1.89

Flour $1.49

cheese $2.29

Cheerios $1.00

sugar $1.89

milk $6.45

eggs $1.98

mayo $1.99

baking powder $.89

cranberries $1.89

almonds $1.89

butter $2.15

margarine $0.89

BBQ sauce $1.29

Ranch dressing $1.29

raspberry vinagarette dressing $1.50

Total $41.81

I saved the rest of my budgeted money for a good stock up sale!  So there you have it, everything else I had in my cupboards and freezer.  You may not have meat in your freezer, but you should still be able to keep your budget below $100 this week! Make whatever you can at home, buying it from the store will cost you more! And…never shop when you are hungry, you’ll buy lots of stuff you don’t need!





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