This weeks meal plan 5/19

meal plan

This is the last week of school for my kiddos! Woohoo! We have lots of activities going on this week at school so because of that, I decided to go with easy meals this week.  A few I have never tried, but they looked so easy I thought they would be perfect for my busy week.


Pancakes (recipe here)

French toast

Breakfast burritos (tortillas, eggs and cheese)



tuna sandwiches

grilled cheese and tomato soup

chicken salad sandwiches

pb and jelly sandwiches

homemade mac and cheese  x 2 (it makes a huge pan)


hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill (buns recipe here )

chicken salad (see recipes here and here)

chicken burrito bowls (new recipe)

Mexican skillet (new recipe)


chicken enchiladas



chocolate chip cookies


ice cream sandwiches

Remember to shop your cupboards to see what you can find first, base your meal plans around the sales and what you already have.  Here’s what I bought, keeping it under $55 a week:

milk X 3 $6.45

black beans (canned) x 2 $1.68

minced garlic $1.99

roma tomatoes $1.58

tomato sauce x 2 $1.98

chicken  $10.94

eggs $1.59

cream cheese $1.09

enchilada sauce $1.99

apples $1.59

ice cream sandwiches $1.99

chocolate chips $1.59

sugar $1.89

elbow macaroni $.99

hotdogs $1.59

lettuce (head) $.99

Lettuce romaine $1.58

Italian dressing $1.19

tomato soup x 2 $1.38

Cereal $1.29

Cereal $1.89

Total $45.66

Under budget this week, I’m saving the extra for stockup sales at Rite Aid this week 🙂



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