This weeks meal plan 5/5

meal plan


My kids started pulling stuff out of my cupboards and when I really got in there and realized how much food I have, I was determined to start using some of this food in my cupboards and freezers! I have frozen vegetables in the freezer from last summer, and in a few months I am going to have a bunch more to freeze so I am determined to have a small grocery bill this week and start using up some of this food.  So I sat down and wrote a list of all the stuff I had that I needed to start using. I realize that you will not have the same stuff in your cupboards and fridge as me, but I challenge you to go through your cupboards and freezer and make at least 2 meals with food that you already have in there.  Be creative.  I’ve come up with some innovative ideas for this week, that doesn’t guarantee that they will taste good, but it’s worth a try!

-Breakfast burritos (I made a bunch of these with Sara when we did a freezer meal day and I need to start using them up, we are going to have them to breakfast twice this week)
-Cereal -Toast (I have like 4 loaves of frozen bread in my freezer that I need to start clearing out)
-French toast
-Bagels (again I have frozen bagels that I got on sale that I need to use up!)

-grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup (Using frozen corn and carrots from my garden last year)
-Bagel Pizzas ( to use up more of my bagels)
-Peanut butter and jelly (to use of some of this bread)
-Macaroni and cheese ( I got a bunch of boxes during a Kraft sale a few months ago)
-ham sandwiches (I have ham left from Christmas dinner that I froze and am going to use up)

Southwest omlets (I have a bunch of frozen onions and peppers diced up from my garden)
-Mexican lasagna (remember my tortilla recipe here, makes too many so I have a bunch frozen)
-salmon (I bought this for my husband a few months ago and forgot about it)
-OK….so I have an entire box of ramen noodles that we have never eaten because no one seemed to like them.  I don’t know why I bought a whole box, probably because they are dirt cheap.  But I am determined to make something delicious with them and spice them up a bit so here’s my plan (no guarantees but I’m giving it a try)
*Ramen noodle stir fry- I have frozen broccoli and peppers that I am going to fry up with some chunks of beef and then add my cooked ramen noodles.  I thought of this because I bough these frozen Chinese meals called tai pei (they were on sale at walmart) so I thought I would try them since they were so cheap and they were basically this same recipe.  They did taste pretty good so I’m going to give it a shot.
*Ramen noodles with ground beef- I have a bunch of diced up canned tomatoes that I canned from my garden last year, so I am going to fry them with some ground beef and frozen corn and then add the ramen noodles….giving it a go, I’ll let you know how it tastes.
-Apple cobb salad (I have apples that are starting to get a little wrinkled so I’m going to use them up)

Crackers chocolate chip cookies
cornbread (recipe here)

Ok so here’s what I bought this week
3 x Milk = $5.97
Butter $1.99
eggs x 2 =$1.98
lettuce =$2.98
pepperoni= $1.89
Total $16.40

So that’s all I really needed to make my meals so I decided to use my extra money on stocking up on these things
Cheese (5 lb bag) $13.40
Toilet Paper $5.99
napkins $1.50
chicken $13.58

Total $50.87

Still under budget so I kept my extra $5 🙂

What can you use from your pantry this week?  Try to use up some of what you have.  Be creative!


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