This Weeks Meal Plan


I have a family of 6, and I spend $200-220 each month on groceries. This wasn’t always the case though.  I used to spend a lot more.

Years ago I went to my friend Angela’s house and her entire basement was filled with canned goods that she canned herself, and her freezer was full of meat that they had raised and processed themselves.  She told me that she rarely goes to the grocery store because she didn’t need to go.  Then I could feel my eyebrow raise! What! I was going to the grocery store every other day and spending a lot!  She was self-sufficient, and I was inspired!  She baked her own cookies, made her own donuts, canned her own soups.  You name it and she made it herself.  She was the ultimate housewife and homemaker! (She now lives in Africa where she and her husband are missionaries to children there, and I’m sure she is still the ultimate housewife and homemaker!)

I was determined to be more self sufficient.  Now I only buy what I can’t make cheaper myself, or things that are a pain to make yourself, like mayonnaise or butter.  I’ve made them myself and in my opinion…NO THANKS! I’ll pay a couple bucks for the mayo and save my sanity! I watched the show extreme cheapskates, and the woman stopped buying toilet paper and instead used cut up rags that she washed and reused.  Those kind of things, like I said, I’ll pay the money and save my sanity!


Each week I will post my meal plan for the week and show you how I save on groceries and what I’m making that week. If you are looking to lower your grocery budget, read my post here.


There are 2 things that I do to save money on meat.

1.   We raise our own beef, natural grass fed, no hormone, BEEF! I love knowing what’s in my meat! We raise a beef cow each year and end up spending less than $2 a pound for all of our meat.

2.  I buy chicken from a Mennonite woman who buys and sells it at wholesale price.  I paid $1.69 lb for my boneless skinless chicken, and that was the highest that it’s been.  I also buy cheese from her in bulk.   If any of you live in my area, message me and I’ll try to help you save with your meat purchases.  In the long run, both of these save me lots of money on my grocery bill.

Here’s my Meal plan this week:


Oatmeal (I make oatmeal packets, I’ll show you the recipe this week)
Homemade bagels (recipe coming, they’re in the oven right now)
Homemade breakfast wraps
Homemade Pancakes

Chicken Salad
Turkey Sandwiches
Chicken wraps
Homemade mac and cheese
Grilled cheese with tomatoes

Mexican lasagna (use homemade tortillas recipe here)
Sweet and Sour chicken and rice
Chicken and vegetable soup (enough for 2 meals, we eat one meal and then I freeze the rest)
Spaghetti and meatballs

Chocolate chip cookies
homemade granola bars
rice crispie treats

So there you have it, that’s what the Perry’s will be eating this week.  Every Sunday I bake a triple batch of cookies that I put in the kids lunches, and use for snacks all week.  Every Monday my kids and I whip up a batch of homemade bread (4 loaves), and this will be served with dinners for the week.  I buy a big bag of lettuce mix from Sam’s club each week that I use for dinners as well.  In the summer I can carrots, beans, and applesauce, and use those throughout the year.  Even if you can’t can in the summer, you can still buy cheap canned veggies from the store each week.

What I bought
Romaine Mix Salad from Sam’s Club- $2.98

tortillas $0.99
1 pound sliced turkey $3.98
egg noodles $1.29
Milk x 3 =$6.45
elbow macaroni $0.99
Tomatoes =$1.29
box of rice $1.59
Spaghetti noodles $0.79
Chocolate chips $1.69
yogurt coupon here $3.90
marshmallows $0.99
Rice cripies $1.39
butter x 2 $4.38
Spaghetti sauce x 2 $1.98
Total $34.68

Ok so I understand that most of you don’t have a freezer full of beef and chicken, so even if you have to buy them, you could still keep your grocery budget well under $100 this week.  I budget $55 for groceries, since I only spent $35, I’ll save the $20 toward next week.  You might be wondering where I came up with the ingredients for the rest of my meals, well first I shop my pantry and my fridge, and use what I have before I buy more.  See what you have before you head to the store so you don’t buy more than you need.





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