This weeks shopping haul-Saved $143…here’s how….

shopping haul


North Star popsicles $0.99

Print $0.50 off coupon here (I wasn’t expecting this to double but it did)

Final Price=FREE


Quaker Oatmeal $0.99

Friday Freebie from savingstar

Final Price=FREE


Plum mighty organics pouches-$1.39

Use $0.75 off coupon here (doubled) (zip 02151)

Final Price=FREE


Snickers peanut butter squared-$0.79 (I bought 4 but I gave one to the lady behind me in line because my coupons were taking so long, and I ate one on the way home, that’s why there’s only 2 in the picture :))

Use $0.75 off 2 coupon here

Final Price=$0.04 each


General Mills cereals 2 for $4

Use $1 off one coupon here

Final Price=$1


Yasso greek yogurt bars $3.99

Use $1 off coupon from 5/18 SS

Final Price $2.99 (not that great of savings but they are delish so I splurge on these)


Calphalon Pan =109.99

Price with shoppers club card (found this in the discontinued items section in a bin)

Final Price $27.50



Dial bar soap $2.97

Use $1 off coupon here

Submit $1 back from Ibotta

Final Price $0.97


Yoplait Greek yogurt $1

Use $1 off 2 coupon from 6/8 SS

Submit $1 back from Ibotta

Final Price=FREE


Oikos Greek yogurt -Rollback price $0.90

Use $1 off 4 coupon here (may no longer be available 🙁 )

Final Price $0.65


Arm and Hammer detergent $2.83

Use $3 off 2 coupon from 6/8 SS or print here

Final Price=$1.33 each


Hawaiian Punch-Rollback price $1.98

Use buy 1 Get 1 free coupon here  (no longer available, booo!)

Final Price=$0.99 each


Carefree pantiliners $0.94

Use $1 off carefree item here(no size restrictions)

Final price=FREE+moneymaker


Wishbone salad Dressing $1.98

Use $1 off coupon here  (this doesn’t show up on my page anymore but maybe because I already printed it, give it a try anyway)

Submit for $0.75 back from Ibotta

Final Price=$0.23

Received a $0.50 bonus for redeeming 3 offers from ibotta


Total before coupons, card savings, and Ibotta=$206.22

Final Price after all coupons, card savings and Ibotta=$62.83 (70% savings=saved $143.39)









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