Time-Saving Tuesday – No Weeds Please!!


Welcome back to Time-Saving Tuesday!!


If you are getting your gardens ready to plant, or want to keep those nasty weeds out of your garden, this post is for you!!


I have a TON of flower gardens around my house.  I truly enjoy them, but I have to admit, they are work to keep up with.  My goal is to prevent weeds from spouting before I have to think about killing and pulling!!  I have tried every weed prevention product on the market over the years, and I’m going to share with you what I found for the best weed prevention.  I hope these weed prevention tips will not only save you time, but money as well!!  Note:






I tried using just mulch around my flowerbeds.  It looks beautiful, but as far as weed prevention, it’s not so pretty.   I had grass and weeds growing up in no time!  I found myself weeding every 3 or 4 days.  Not the weed control I had in mind.  Grade: A for beauty, F for prevention




 Weed Control Landscape Fabric (Note: I tried both the plastic and paper type and found the same results)

I  tried this landscape fabric a few years ago.  I followed the directions, and used it on almost all of my gardens.  I was sure this was the best product out there.  I put it down around my flowers and bushes and topped it with mulch.  It started out great, but by the end of the summer, I had grass and weeds growing right through it in every garden.  I kept up with weeding throughout the summer, but this fabric was a nightmare.  The weeds would get tangled in the mesh, and I couldn’t get down to the roots of most of them.  The following spring I saw bigger patches of grass and weeds growing through it so I tried to rip it all out.  That was not an easy task!!  The grass and weeds were tangled in it, and it was a huge mess.   Grade: F for wasting my time, and another F for the time I wasted ripping it all out!



Pre-emergent Herbicide



I hate to use chemicals of any kind on my plants and flowers, but I was desperate.  Most of my gardens are in full sun all day, making the soil not so fun to work with, and my weeds even harder to pull.  I put down a pre-emergent herbicide, and then topped it off with my usual mulch.  I then added a fertilizer with weed prevention.  Perfect prevention right?  Not so much.  It worked for a month or so, and then here came the weeds.  I couldn’t believe it.  It stated right on both containers that it should last 3 months.  It was an expensive option that didn’t have the payoff I was expecting.  I did consider buying more, but I still had to pull the weeds that were already sprouting and taking over.   Grade:  C  (It did seem to work for a few weeks)





I read about using newspaper as a weed barrier, and thought I’d give it a try since it was practically free.  I tried it on two gardens.  I used about 4-5 sheets over the area, and covered it with mulch.  I watered it to keep it down.  It does want to fly away so keep stones or water it down a bit to keep in place until you put the mulch down.  I did my usual weeding of my other gardens over the next few weeks, and noticed there weren’t any weeds in these two gardens with the newspaper.  I figured it wouldn’t last, but I was wrong!  It lasted for months, and the only weeds I saw were coming from the little area around the plant I didn’t cover.  Amazing!!  And super cheap!  Who would’ve thought this option would beat the expensive stuff?  It will eventually decompose into the ground so it will need to be replaced after a couple years.   Grade: so far an A (very few weeds and inexpensive)



Happy gardening!  I would love to hear your gardening tips!  Check out some gardening tips from Marissa here.


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  1. Julie Seeber says:

    I am going to try your suggestion to use newspapers to kill weeds. I was just thinking about what to use and I read your article.
    Great timing! Do you have any suggestions for killing weeds around a fence? Part of our backyard is fenced in and I tried using
    vinegar but it only worked for a short time. I also heard that salt might work. Thanks, Julie
    PS Really enjoy your website.