Food for thought…..Turn your eyes


I think about who I was before I knew my Savior and I am ashamed, embarrassed at the wicked things I did.  More than ever, I know my need for a Savior.  More than ever, I am grateful that He loves me, He chose me, and He saved me by the death of His precious Son.  Undeserving…absolutely. I am undeserving of His love, and He is undeserving of the punishment He bore for my sins. 

The past few weeks have been hard, in many ways.  I’m tired, I’m troubled, and I’m drained.  It is easy to think about all of the things that are troubling us.  Those are the things that we focus on.  As I was experiencing this, I remember sitting on my floor scrubbing up the entire gallon of milk that Benjamin poured on my rug…my brand new rug.  I finally started crying.  “Lord, why is this so hard? Why am I so tired? Why cant I catch a break!!”  I immediately thought of Nehemiah 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is your strength”…then I stopped crying over spilled milk.

That scripture always brings clarity to me, it always brings strength to me.  You see, I was deserving of hell, but in God’s great grace, He chose to save me, He pulled me out of the fires of hell, and set me with princes.  He adores me, He wants me, and He laid down His life for me.  What joy that should bring.  What hope that should bring.  Amidst the trials, hardships, endeavors of this life, the joy of merely knowing that you have a place in heaven should being you joy.  It will cause the things of this world to grow dim, to be of no effect.  I am honored and privileged that I belong to the King of Kings and that He loves me.  I always love this song: Third Day-turn your eyes upon Jesus.  Consider the words of this song…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.

Isn’t that true?  When are eyes are upon Jesus, things of this earth grow strangely dim in the light of who His is and our eternity with Him.  Suddenly, I don’t care about my carpet, I don’t care about changing poop diapers, I don’t care that the economy is failing, I don’t care about the things that are troublesome because the joy of the Lord becomes my strength as my eyes are turned upon Him.   Take heart, do not grow weary, for soon we shall Him face to face.


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  1. wow, Marissa. What a wonderful story and so VERY true. Thanks for the reminder. NOTHING matters but JESUS…….what HE has done for us and HIS GREAT LOVE! Thanks again!
    love you,