Want to drop 10 pounds–Join me for the next two weeks!

Ok, I finally had to put the talk into action.  Summer is HERE! and I’m sick of my pants being tight.  Although I vaguely remember posting about my tight pants a few weeks ago, and yep they’re still tight! I keep putting it off a diet until summer was coming, well guess what, its here and I’m starting.  After I had my 4th baby, I lost 40 pounds on the 17 day diet.  No, I didn’t do it in 17 days obviously but I used the same ideas as the 17 day diet.

I’m going to be posting on there what I am making for my meals, follow along and if you promise not to cheat, you’ll lose weight fast on this diet.  I HATE dieting.  I shouldn’t even have to state that, because it’s obvious.  Who likes dieting? Um, No one.  Not anyone in their right mind anyway. But, I figured that if I post my dieting online, you will all hold me accountable to stick to it!  I tried lots of different diets after I had each of my children, and this is the only one that seemed to show real results. Here is the basic idea:

For all of you carb lovers, you cant have carbs for the next 2 weeks.  For all of you sugar lovers, you can’t have sugar for the next 2 weeks.  For all you red meat lovers, you can’t have red meat for the next 2 weeks.  Your probably thinking, NO THANKS! I really promise that if you do this diet correctly, you will lose at least 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  When I did it in the past, I lost a pound a day when I was on it.  When you start seeing the scale move, you’ll be motivated.  So, if you can get past the first few days of this diet, then you can do it!

One good perk on this diet is: You can eat as much as you want, as long as it’s food that is on this diet.  You don’t have to measure or count calories. So what can you eat? Head over here for a complete list of what you can make on this diet.  This diet consists of 4 cycles.  I have only done cycle 1.  So when you read about it online, you are allowed to do foods that say c1(cycle 1) next to them.  I know it sounds hard, but once you see all the good stuff you can eat, and once you see the scale moving, you’ll stick with it.  Comment with any questions, encouragement, or concerns!

Here’s my meal plan for today

Breakfast-Fruit smoothie

Lunch-Chicken salad

Dinner-greek turkey burgers

snack-lowfat yogurt

These recipes can all be found here



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