What did April Fools bring to you?


My boys have been talking and giggling about April Fools Day for weeks.  Needless to say I slept with one eye open last night and woke up this morning wondering what they may be up to.  Our morning actually got off to a pretty uneventful start.  Whew…they forgot.  Not so much.


My day had many surprises, including a (fake) sick child, forgotten homework, bad test grades, a broken phone screen, a bunch of “Mom, come quicks,” and a few others.  All in all it wasn’t too bad.  That is until I was ready for bed.  I was greeted with a soapy toothbrush and a SOAKING wet bed!!  That’s right.  My bed was drenched in water all the way from covers to the floor.  Let’s hope there’s not any more hidden surprises awaiting me to find.


I guess I was the fool for thinking we got off pretty easy this year.


Meet my little pranksters:  Who would’ve thought those innocent little angels could’ve done such things?!


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