Margarine Vs. Butter the difference it makes in your cookies

butteror margaine1

When a recipe called for butter OR margarine, I always wondered if it made a difference.  I was determined to find that out today, and it gave me a good reason to bake 🙂 So I used the exact same recipe for these chocolate chip cookies, only in one I used margarine and the other I used butter.  The result was this…..

The Butter cookies

*The dough was stiffer, I could pick it up with my hands and roll it into a ball
*The cookies were chewier
*I baked them for only 8 minutes and they were done
*They spread less than the margarine cookies
*The cookie was smoother, sounds weird but I noticed it!

The Margarine cookies

*I couldn’t touch the dough because it was sticky, I had to use a spoon and just drop spoonfuls onto my pan
*The cookies were more cakey and dry than the butter cookies
*I baked for almost 10 minutes
*They spread out quicker (margarine melts at a lower temperature than butter so that makes sense that they would melt and spread faster)
*The cookie was not as smooth, there were little holes in the cookie and they broke and cracked easier than the butter cookies

As far as the taste, they both tasted really good!! The margarine had a cakey, drier taste so I preferred the butter cookies because they were denser and chewy.   My vote is for butter!

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