What do you do to share His love?

his love

I was reading a devotional to my kids last night, and the scripture was “The Lord’s love never ends” Lamentations 3:22.  The last part of the devotional always asks a question.  The question was “What do you do to share His love with others?”

I asked my kids what they do to share, my oldest son said “I tell people about the Lord” my other son said “hmm, I dunno, nothing” I smiled and told him the sweet things that he does that bless others and that is a way to show God’s love to others.  Then I got to thinking, what do I do to share His love?

I think often times, we get our minds and thoughts set on this temporal life, this life that is passing away.  It is a vapor that will be gone.  Yet, we set high hopes on it.  We have high hopes, dreams, ambitions.  We lose sight of the bigger picture don’t we? We forget that this is not our home, we are passing through, for a short time. (probably shorter than we think).  So what is our purpose here?  Stop and think about that for a moment.  What is a Christian’s purpose here? The answer is, to bring glory to God. Your life and my life are meant to bring glory to the One who has given us life.  How do we do that? We set an example.  We love.  To do that in the days that we are living in, you need to be willing to swim upstream.  You need to be willing to be the odd man out, the peculiar one, the different one, the Christian.

I asked myself what do I do to share His love? His love should be illuminating in me.  It should be pouring out of me.  It should shine for all to see, so that He may be glorified.  Fill yourself with Him by casting out the cares of this life.  When you are filled with Him, your life will be a testimony of Him. He is beckoning us to forget the things that will pass away, set our eyes on the eternal and let our lives here be an illustration of His great grace, and His agape love.

What do you do to share his love?


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