Where is Spring?

Spring has begun! Today at 12:57pm it was officially Spring! Although as I look outside its snowing….and…..blowing. We’ve still started our indoor seeds and ordered our fruit trees!  I have high hopes that spring will be here before we know it.

My kids want to order spring chickens this year.  We raised chickens and ducks a few years back, with no luck! We went to our local farm supply store and of course my kids saw the baby chickens and ducks and we didn’t get out of the store without buying one, or in this case, six!

We bought 4 chickens and 2 ducks with the purpose of having the chickens supply us with eggs.  We had no chicken coop or screens of any kind and we decided on a whim that we would give it a try. The kids loved them at first.  The ducks were little and cute and followed them all over the lawn.  The boys would ride on their power wheels and a row of chickens and ducks would be following them.  It was great.  Then as the chickens grew, we realized they were not hens, but roosters.  So much for eggs.  So when roosters grow up, they aren’t exactly what you would call nice pets.  They started pooping all over our yard and instead of my kiddos running and smiling while the chickens followed and chased them through the yard, they were screaming because the roosters would chase them and peck them.  All in all lets just say, we had no eggs, a lawn full of poop, and kids that didn’t want to go outside to play anymore in fear that the chickens would attack them.

So since we didn’t have success the first time, my boys are insisting on trying it again. With 5 males in the house, I’m always outnumbered when it comes to these decisions.  In a few months I’m sure I’ll be posting that my lawn is again full of poop 🙂 Bring on the chickens! and the nice weather!

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