Why am I not crafty? You’re going to be shocked because I am going to start posting some crafts….of my own!!


I have friends that are so crafty and artistic! I don’t want to say that I’m not crafty, I AM crafty, only I am just not a good crafter.  I like to be inventive but it usually ends in failure, or I laugh at myself for what I have created! I think half the reason is because I don’t have the patience to work on something for that long!

My husband always jokes with me that I’m always “rushing”.  He tells me that I rush from one thing to the next.  When you have 4 kids, you have to rush.  There is no choice.  Rushing has become my normal!! I am determined to stop rushing and actually take my time to do some DIY projects (with the kids)

Anyway, I’m really getting off track here.  My friend painted her door and made this wreath for it! I would have never thought to do anything like this, so when people have a crafty hand at things, I need to give them an applause.  Nice job to my friend Danell who was born to be an designer!! 🙂

Anyone else have craft ideas? Someone give me a push here! I want to be crafty!!!

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  1. Courtney Hoffman says:

    I don’t have any tips but I would like to share a story. Lol. When pinterest first became popular, I was browsing and found a tutorial on how to make your own canvas photos. It seemed easier so I bought all the craft stuff, printed the large photos I wanted and had my husband cut and sand wood for me. It was quite the process. When I finally went to put my photos onto the canvas, they looked great! I was so proud and excited because I am not a crafty person either.
    went inside to let them dry and when I came back out, I was horrified to find that the exact adhesive the tutorial had called for distorted the colors in the pictures and the colors were running and outdoor debris was all over each picture. Disastrous craft attempt that cost me a decent amount of money and time. Lol.

    • Marissa says:

      Courtney, that is the story of my life! I love pinterest, but most (atleast a large majority) of my pinterest attempts FAIL!!! Some I laugh so hard at! Or I’ll read back over the recipe or craft and think, am I missing an ingredient or something? lol. Nice to know I’m not the only one!! Thanks for sharing!