Why its important to stay in contact with customer service

I’m a firm believer that if someone does a good job, let them know.  If they offer a good product, let them know.  On the other hand, if I’m paying for their services and am not happy with them, I let them know as well. (In a kind way!)

Let me tell you a little story of what happened to me at Christmas time.  I’m a big fan of Kohl’s.  I always buy stuff from them, I love their promotions and you cant beat their sales.  So I ordered my 2 year old a play grocery cart, grandma has one and I literally had to tear it out of his hands every time we left her house.  So I decided to get him one for Christmas.  I ordered it the day after black Friday.  So fast forward to a few days before Christmas and still no grocery cart.  Apparently because of bad weather, a lot of their products were taking longer to ship.  So I emailed customer service and asked if it had shipped, and if it hadn’t, I requested a refund.  Ok, so this shopping cart was $32,  after my discount it was $22. I received an email from them with a $25 kohl’s gift card attached to the email with an apology.  The next day, I get my grocery cart in the mail.  Christmas comes, my son loves his grocery cart, and I was able to use the $25 gift card to buy him a bunch of play food to put in it.  A few days after Christmas, I get another email apologizing that the first email was a “general response” email and not a personal one. (I didn’t really care, especially because they gave me a gift card)  So this second email states that because it took so long to ship, they credited my account for the amount of the shopping cart, and attached $15 in Kohl’s cash.  So, I got a free cart and $40 in free merchandise.

I’m not saying this type of stuff happens a lot,  but I do think its important to communicate (civilly) with customer service.  If they’re doing something right, let them know.  If they’re doing something wrong, let them know. There are certain food brands that I love, so I drop them an email and tell ’em. Once in a while I’ll call the 1-800 number on the side of a product to say that I really like it, and the customer service rep is usually shocked.  I’ve had them tell me that they’re so used to complaints, that its nice to get compliments once in a while.

So, when you order a product you love, shoot a quick email and let them know.  I like knowing that I’ve given someone a compliment amongst all of the complaints they receive.

“You are the light of the world” Matthew 5:14

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