Wondering where to shop for back to school supplies?

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLCschool supplies


Each year I have my lists and fliers ready to price match the best prices, but I find MOST of the time that Walmart ends up on top with the best prices.


Here are some basic school supplies I priced with best prices and store:


  • Plastic 2 pocket folders,  $0.50 – Walmart
  • 1 subject notebooks, $0.25 – Walmart
  • 1″ binder, $1.94 – Walmart
  • Composition notebooks, $0.50 – Walmart
  • 100ct. index cards, $0.48 – Walmart
  • Ruler, $0.25 – Walmart
  • Pencils, 8 ct, $0.47 – Walmart
  • Colored Pencils 10 ct., $0.77 – Walmart (Crayola $0.97 Staples, but price match at Walmart)
  • Crayons (Crayola $0.50 – Walmart or $0.25 Cra-Z-art)
  • Calculator, $0.94 – Walmart
  • Erasers 3ct, $0.25 – Office Max (store brand) week of 7/13 only
  • Scissors, $0.25  – Office Max (store brand) week of 7/13 only
  • Glue sticks, $0.25 act  –  Office Max (store brand or Scholastic brand-week of 7/13) (Elmer’s $0.50 Walmart)
  • Bottle of glue (Elmer’s $0.50  –  Walmart, $0.25 Dollar General)
  • Highlighters, $7/1  – Walgreens (Wexford brand) week of 7/13 only



There are various deals and $1 sales at Office Max and Staples where you can score some awesome deals, but here is a good start to be able to gauge what prices are this year for school supplies.


Don’t feel like battling the back to school crowds?  Order online at Walmart.com, and ship FREE to store.  Pick up all your school supplies in just minutes!!  Price matching not available online.



Have something not on the list, just comment below and we’ll find the best price for you!!



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