Wouldn’t this be nice?

For those of you who keep asking how our puppy is doing? Here’s the answer to your question:


Sawyer is doing great, there are a few quirks that I’m trying to work out in her:

*She hasn’t completely figured out where to use the bathroom

*She wakes up my entire household at 5am..EVERYDAY! Yes, she cries so loud in her cage that I wake up out of a dead sleep and grab my husband frantically because it sounds like someone is being murdered.

*She BITES, yes she’s just playing but she chases my kids around the house holding onto their pant legs as they are screaming because she won’t let go

*She tortures my other dog.  I have an old golden retriever who just sleeps all day, literally.  She hardly moves from her spot and when she does, she’s usually back within a few minutes. Well Sawyer likes to jump on her, bite her, ride on her back while she’s sleeping.  A few times my dog has given her a little nip so that she stops, but I find myself rescuing my older dog so she can get her much needed rest.

*She tips my garbage over almost every day.  I’m still trying to come up with a resolution for this!!

*She chews on my shoes, my table, my carpet, my blankets, my kids toys, pretty much anything in sight.  If its left on the floor, it’s pretty much become her chew toy.  This has given my kids motivation to keep their toys cleaned up.

*She eats anything.  She has eaten paper, toys, grass, I saw her eating a dead bird today that I had to steal away and bury, I’m sure I’ll need to get her dewormed again

So all in all, I might as well have given birth to a 5th child.  But….I do love her! And I’m trying to look past all of her faults. LOL! To be honest, my kiddos just adore her and because of that, I am determined to train her into a good old dog.

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