You need a routine! and here’s a printable schedule



When I had my  4th baby, I had 4 kids under age 4.  It was so crazy, what kept my sanity was getting into a routine.  I created a daily routine, worked out the kinks and stuck to it everyday! I planned my appointments and shopping trips around my routine.  It worked so well, I honestly think it was the only way that I made it through those first few months.  Summer is so fun, but it gets really crazy at my house.  Every year as soon as my kids are off of school for the summer, I get right into a routine with them.  Here is what mine looks like.  For those of you mommies that have little kids, this is a lifesaver! Click on the link above to print the chart.

8 am-Breakfast

9 am- clean sweep

10 am-school work

11 am -craft time


1 pm-nap (quiet time for older kids)

2pm-play time

3pm- start dinner

4pm-8pm family time activities


8:30- bed time



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